Invisible Children proudly presents (again): Mend

November 11, 2011

Mend strives to create an innovative and internationally inspired brand geared toward facilitating financial independence and development for vulnerable women in northern Uganda.

Your support is making that happen – the seamstresses at Mend are using their wages to support their families and become role models in their communities.

Mend is also evolving. Over the past six months, we’ve been hard at work on some big changes. Our growing team of seamstresses is learning new techniques to showcase to you this holiday season.

We’re still the same Mend, but we have a new look.

Our new product line is designed to better reflect our innovative mission. The resolve to fight the status quo is built into each Mend bag. Crafted by women formerly abducted by the Lord’s Resistance Army, these bags are being used by global citizens fighting against the actions of this rebel army. Each bag is a tool designed to affect change.

Very soon, you’ll have an opportunity to explore the brand new before anyone else. You’ll also have the first chance to meet our new seamstresses, and learn more about impact Mend is having in their lives.

By purchasing a Mend bag, you become part of our story. We’ll continue to share this story with you, through new emails, products, and videos that capture the innovation, fun, and heart that come with working at Mend. We hope you’ll continue to share the story as well, and that you’ll smile the next time someone gives you the opportunity to answer the question “Who made your bag?”